About me

Welcome! I’m Gerald Versluis, and I’ve been working on IT monitoring since 2001. Over the years I ran into my share of issues and successes, which I hope to share through this blog – along with some opinions formed along the way. Currently, the main tools I work with are Microsoft SCOM (System Center Operations Manager) and Dynatrace.

In addition to monitoring I’m also a SQL DBABA – DataBase Administrator By Accident. Actually, when I joined by current employer Stater back in 2016, I formally joined the DBA team as a SQL DBA, with the intention on both sides that I would act in a double capacity – both as a monitoring specialist and as a DBA. So don’t be surprised if occasionally, I share some SQL stuff as well.

Some keywords about me:

  • Proud husband and proud dad to 3 daughters
  • Dutch
  • Computer nerd since the C64 era
  • DYI enthousiast
  • Formula 1 fan (go Max!)