The Windows Run As Account Management MP

Well, it’s here! As presented at…

… the Windows Run As Account Management MP!

As explained during my presentation, it’s quite simple to use – and it’s FREE. I’ve taken so much from the community over the years… so I think it’s only fair I give something back.

A quick manual:

  • Download the MP from Github
  • Install the MP
  • Select a Windows server, and make sure that the following prerequisites are in place:
    • Disable UAC
    • Make sure the OperationsManager Powershell Module is installed
    • Make sure the ActiveDirectory Powershell Module is installed
  • Override the Management Agent discovery for the server
  • For the monitors ad task: read the Product Knowledge

Ate a later date, I will pull the relevant slides from my presentation but I didn’t want to make the SCOMathon attendees that saw my presentation, wait any longer.

Just to be sure, I do want to repeat my statement on liability: I cannot accept any, ever. Use at your own risk and enjoy!

Keep monitoring! And for more SCOMathon goodness, check out!